Client Testimonials

All our clients are our friends eventually and we have more than a thousand MM2H applications and thousands of clients. We have done tax-free car purchases, fixed deposit withdrawals, transfers of stickers and many other services for people who do not engage us for MM2H visa application. Had they know about Alter Domus, they would have came to us for the MM2H visa application. They are the ones who refer their friends to us for MM2H visa application.

When you stay in Penang, joined some of the clubs like IWA (International Women Association), bridge clubs, Penang Swimming Club, Penang Sports Club, etc; you are bound to meet our clients and they will tell you who we are and how we have helped them. So, we are definitely in no position to give you the wrong information or giving you lousy services. Even the hotels and taxi drivers know who we are as we have many referrals from them as well.

All our clients are happy about our services but we stopped asking them for testimonials after 2010. Putting them all in these pages will be make the pages long and hard to read. Listed below are some of them. If you need a reference from any of the clients, let us know and we will connect you to a few of them.

I came to know the company while searching for a MM2H agent online. I am impressed with their confidence and extensive knowledge on various subjects, especially TG who handled my application. Throughout the application process and waiting periods, Janet was so helpful in answering my questions and providing me with different logistic assistance.

I am thankful for their sound advice that I have received my MM2H visa. I highly recommend to anyone who wish to get their MM2H visa done professionally and most importantly hassle-free.
Thank you Alter Domus!

- Ashley & Family (Singapore)

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- Dato' Welf Atzberger (Germany)

After retiring from a long working life as a self-employed, I need a new experience in my life after a lot of investigation, I ended up, deciding to make a new start, in a continent, I never had been in before. In my investigations I heard about a company in Penang, Malaysia that was careful and has helped other Danes successfully in getting the MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) visa. From the very first time I contact and ask question on how to do things, I got very well-prepared answers back. Alter Domus with Roselind and her husband as owners and their staff helped me through all the forms to fill out and was my contact to all officials in Malaysia. It took about 3 - 4 months for all the paperwork and everything worked out as Alter Domus had told me, so the very first time I entered Malaysia they gave me my  MM2H visa within the first 14 days. They also have good contact to real-estate companies, assurance companies etc.  For me fantastic and I felt I was in safe hands all the way, most of all because whenever I had a question, I got answers back normally within 1 or 2 days. And sure, when I started up over here. I had a lot of things I didn't understand or just would like to know. They had always time to give me well prepared answers. After I arrived they are still helping me whatever problem I have and right now they are helping me getting a new tax-free car . They work professionally for my MM2H visa. I can truly tell that my story above is not a commercial but my view from my life experience going to Penang, and I'm happy ending up working with a company, who has been very serious from day one and up to now. I do gladly give my recommendation to them.

- Erik V (Denmark)

Highly impressed by their professional practice, efficient follow up and strong local support. The team is experience in handling all the documents. Emails are replied immediately and advices are clear and concise. The application and approval are smooth. i strongly commend their services to my friends and interested parties.

- LSC (Hong Kong)

Alter Domus did a great job representing us for our MM2h visa's.  Applying from the United States is very complicated as the rules for verification are complex.  Rosalind and TG helped us navigate that with ease and even arranged an extension for us when our travel plans changed.  Their new office in Penang is very nice, the staff is very professional.My wife and I highly recommend Alter Domus, you will be in good hands.


I have no hesitation in recommending Alter Domus. The process from making initial contact to obtaining my Visa took just 5 months. The correspondence, all done by e-mail, was both efficient and trouble free. For most of the application period I was neither in Malaysia or my home country yet this did not prove to be a problem. Received instructions were clear and precise and the process was stress free. Their service was professional and the experience pleasant.

- DAR (Canada)

Alter Domus, and more exactly Rosalind and TG, have been extremely professional and efficient in handling our MM2H application. To begin with, they have been helpful answering our endless inquires even thought we were not their clients yet. Eventually, I feel like they became friends of our family. This friendly, considered approach to clients' needs makes them quite unique. Thanks Rosalind and TG!.

- CD (USA)

Alter Domus is one of the most efficient and well run service organizations I have met after many years of international business experience. Their quality of service and ability to get things done is first class. In addition, even after arriving to live here they continue to offer an excellent follow up support service.

- JJ (Canada)

Alter Domus was recommended to me by several expat friends here in Penang who had used them for applying for MM2H. I was not disappointed. From start to finish their service was professional, friendly and efficient. Everything was explained very clearly to me and all the documents, certificates and other paperwork I needed to produce were thoroughly checked to make sure my application went smoothly. It just needed 2 or 3 visits to their office and the application was submitted - I didn't need to go to KL or to any government office. They even arranged the medical certificate for me at a local hospital. At first I did think of doing the application myself but it seemed very complicated, would have required several trips to the government departments in KL and Penang and inevitably some of my documents would have been wrong or missing, thus delaying the process. In the end, I had the MM2H visa in my passport much quicker than I expected. A great service, thank you!.


Not only would we recommend Alter Domus to people, but we already have – and they were as pleased with the service as we were. We wanted a local Penang agent who could handle every aspect of our move from Hong Kong to Penang, and Alter Domus did a beautiful job. We couldn’t be happier.

We were informed of every document they would need to apply for us, so there were no surprises. And they have specialist staff to handle every other aspect of a move, including our cat, who flew to Penang before we did. They met him at the airport, got him into quarantine, and when the seven days were up, they picked him up and took him to a kennel of our choice.

After they received a letter of acceptance of our application from the government, we flew to Penang, made the necessary fixed deposit and saw the doctor for a brief medical. Then while we enjoyed wandering around Penang for a few days, they flew to Kuala Lumpur with our passports to get our visa stamps. Since we moved to Penang, they have been there to answer any questions we’ve had about life here, and they have followed up to remind us of the deadline for ordering a tax-free car.

Looking back, the experience was like being on the best kind of travel tour, with professional guides taking you through every step. And just as important, we felt their fees were very reasonable. We continue to recommend them to anyone considering moving to Penang.


"Not to worry, we will always be there to help you" – soothing words most frequently heard from Alter Domus..

My first tentative and rather hesitant email with a query about retiring in Penang with the MM2H scheme went out to Roselind and T.G. Ch’ng on 15 June 2014. Six months later, my husband and I and our cat became Penang people, settled comfortably in our home.

Fast, efficient and professional are three words I would use to describe Alter Domus. Every formality was smoothly and speedily taken care of, and each staff was specialised – in pet moving, for example – fluent in several languages, and always ready to oblige.

Their motto: “Whatever we can do for you do not hesitate…” rings true long after we settled in. I have no hesitation in recommending Alter Domus to anyone who wants to settle in Penang under the Malaysia My Second Home scheme.


I would like to thank Rosalind, TG and the team in Alter Domus for a great job. You all have done well and all processes were carried out very professionally and well organized and that I have deep admiration for that. Well done!.

- MM (Sweden)

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- JB / RB (UK)

We are very happy with how smoothly the process of moving to Penang has gone, and it would not have been possible without Alter Domus. Their flexibility and efficiency in everything, from processing the visa application, supervising the house renovation, and helping with all the little things that have to be taken care of when moving to a new location, has made this move the easiest of our lives. We recommend Alter Domus without reservation.

- TAS/LGC (Germany/UK)

We would like to place on record our appreciation and thanks for all that was done for us in applying and achieving the MM2H. The whole process went without a hitch and was very painless and we are thrilled in now having a second home we can go to.

- GT/ST (South Africa)

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- RG (France)

We would whole heartedly recommend Alter Domus.  As soon as you meet the "Team" you feel like "one of the family" and they take a positive delight in helping out with any query - however trivial.  Their telephone is never switched off whatever time of the day it is. We have found them extremely efficient, courteous, and reliable.  They keep you fully abreast of the situation at all times and are honest in their comments if they think a different approach is applicable and will fully explain the reasons.  We feel confident in their abilities and fortunate to have them on "our side".

- E & LF (UK)

Alter Domus has a great team, and it is the best thing that happened to us in Penang. We discovered them back in February 2008, when we first arrived, looking for a home. They helped us find an excellent place, got our MM2H even before we had completed the house buying process, provided a very good contractor who did all the redecoration as we wanted, advised us on where to buy furniture and all sorts of stuff. After we settled in, AD found us very good home cleaners. For a very reasonable sum, AD look after our home when we're away and whenever we need something in Penang to be done while we're not there, an email is enough for AD to carry out any task. And what it's more, they are all very nice, friendly people. We recommend them unreservedly.

- M & SM (Italy)

I can personally strongly recommend Alter Domus for applying for the MM2H program. They deliver excellent work and their services are correct, accurate, very professional and moreover they are very friendly and always helpful. No matter what your question is they always react promptly and correct. So do not hesitate to contract them for the MM2H program because you will be certain that they provide you with the utmost assistance and their success rate is 99%.

- DJ & JB (Netherlands)

We would like to express our thanks to TG, Roselind, Mr. Moey and the whole Alter Domus team for their great help and efficiency. Our visa application went on very smoothly. Their work is very professional and they are all very friendly. First the preparation of the documents, all done by e-mail between Penang and Switzerland without any stress. Then on our arrival in Penang for the medical check-up, everything was well prepared and there was no waiting. Few days later we met Mr. Moey at Putrajaya to get our visa stamped, there, also, everything was well prepared, within an hour we had our visa on our passports. I recommend Alter Domus to those who wants to apply for the visa MM2H without having all the hassle or the DIY method.  Now we are waiting to move permanently to Malaysia (Dec 2009). We know that TG, Roselind and their team will be there if we have any problems or if we need any advice. So we are preparing our move without any worries and we are looking forward to see the Alter Domus team again.

- JR/MLRR (Switzerland)

Ever since we met Roselind at Penang on our ''FEELER'' visit we felt very comfortable dealing with your company. Your quick responses to every letter, be it the smallest query or a big one has the status of an online response. You are faster than an airline reservation system. It would be unfair not to mention Mr Moey who has the energy of a young lad and contributes immensely to make the entire process seem like an easy task.  Minder would certainly mind if I don't add her to my list. She has been of great help. All fingers in a hand make their contribution to accomplishing a task.....  We are immensely happy at our decision to retain your highly skilled and professional services. Good luck and big progress.

- ''GONG XI FA CAI'' - Ramanathan family (India)

It's possible to do MM2H unaided.  Don't even think about it, when Alter Domus is there to help. They are totally dedicated and see you all the way through the process - and are still there later whenever you need further help or have any niggling questions.  I was planning to settle in Penang but eventually ended up in KL.  It didn't make any difference to the Alter Domus team - they were still there to help - and still are.  Thanks to all at Alter Domus.

- NM (UK)

You want to apply for MM2H, let Alter Domus handle it for it. They (esp. TG and Roselind) are the true masters of the procedure and make it hassle-free for you. They provide excellent service, give useful hints and info and deliver on a level of professionalism which is real value for money. Thanks and I offer to recommend them to whoever wants to contact me directly.

- AL (Germany)

"Roselind, TG and their team handled my visa application process smoothly, professionally and effectively. I have been especially impressed by the continued support from the team even after my visa had been obtained. I have no hesitation is recommending their services".

- PP (UK)

Overall I found Alter Domus's service absolutely excellent. I put a great deal of time pressure on them and they came up trumps every time, moving from initial enquiry to obtaining my MM2H stamp in just 85 days, even though two weeks were lost because I had to obtain a new passport! What impressed me most, however, was the fantastic responsiveness of TG and the helpfulness of his emails. No-one could have worked harder to help the process along or to build my confidence in the sheer professionalism and dedication of the organisation I had chosen to help me. Nothing was too much trouble and even when I sent emails that arrived close to midnight Malaysian time, expecting a response the next day, often I would have a response within ten minutes!.

- GS (UK)

We can count ourselves extremely lucky having found Alter Domus and let them handle our visa application. Their service goes beyond the mere handling of papers, you will feel the sense of reliability once you talk to them. Getting the visa off the ground is just the first step and there is so much more they can do for you. We are certain that if you deal with them you will feel the same as what we did - total reliability and peace of mind. We would have no trouble recommending Alter Domus to anyone who plans to go through the MM2H process and beyond. Their entire team has been fascinating.

- MD/YD  (Switzerland)

Since we have settled in beautiful Malaysia, respectively Penang, we truly can call it our second home. Alter Domus - your knowledge and service - made not only possible that all the necessary steps were accomplished in a smooth way, but gave us the feeling to be in good hands from the start. It proved to be more than true. We have to thank you and all working with you, that everything was handled not only in a very professional manner, but with a smile. One can be assured, that you help and manage, wherever, whenever it is needed.

- WT/JT (Germany)

I take this opportunity to thank you all at the Alter Domus office for taking good care of me during the visa application process. You all have been very professional and friendly. Thank you too for the prompt communication and that all matters are resolved immediately. I will definitely recommend you to others that need assistance for the MM2H program".

- LC  (Denmark)

"A big thanks to all of you in Alter Domus for your assistance in making our visa application and shipping so smooth and easy.....Its was a pleasure to work with you guys and we will definitely recommend your service to our friends in need and we look forward in seeing all of you in next month when I return to Penang to collect the new car."


We have dealt with Alter Domus - TG and Roselind - on a regular basis, from the time we applied to the MM2H Programme, right through to our acceptance, and ultimately our visit to Penang(from Canada) to have the paperwork completed. Throughout this process they have been incredibly efficient, professional and have never kept us waiting for an answer. We know that TG and Roselind will be there to assist us in whatever way they can once we relocate, and we now consider ourselves very fortunate that we can count on them not only as advisors, but as 'friends'. Thank you Roselind and TG for everything you have done for us. You may contact us any time through Alter Domus for more information.

- JI / DI (Canada)

You are amazingly efficient and knowledgeable. Your services are very much appreciated.

- TNC (Canada)

We were glad that everything went so smoothly, from the start of our paperwork to getting visa endorsement; everything completed in 3 months ! Their service is amazingly efficient. Every question was answered on the same day even though it is late in the evening! When we came to Penang for 2-month holiday (after the application was submitted), we were hoping to get the visa approved and have our passport endorsed at the same time. We managed to get them done in record time. TG even came several times to visit us and give us more personal and valuable advice. We were taken care of like long-time friends. Many thanks to TG and Roselind! We highly recommend Alter Domus to anyone considering MM2H, not only as sponsor, but also as friend once you move over to Penang.

- AY (Netherlands)

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- HM (South Africa)

Thanks so much for all your help! You all have been truly great! I am impressed with the way you and your staff work. They are quick and efficient in returning answers. -GREAT JOB!

- JWJ (Sweden)

Many thanks to Roselind, TG and all the staff at Alter Domus. Now we are back home at our "old" home country, preparing the move to our second home, Penang. Your support and professional handling of the visa was beyond what we expected and you gave very nice services. We have adopted Penang as our second home, and looking forward to coming again in August when the school starts. We visited a shop in Batu Feringgi, and the owner said " You come as a customer, but leave as a friend", and that is how we feel about our relationship with Alter Domus."

- JK (Sweden)

"We were in touch with Alter Domus for two months before coming to Malaysia.  We KNEW immediately we had made the right choice.  A.D. is conscientious, thorough....and gave us a completely TROUBLE-FREE experience.  We simply gathered the necessary information, and Alter Domus did the rest.  They are beyond wonderful!  They are INCREDIBLE!"

- N&G (USA)

"thanks for your prompt professional handling of our application"

- TC (UK)

"I am very pleased with the way things are going, thank you for your assistance"

- MH (UK)

"I am delighted to recommend Ms Roselind Moey of Alter Domus in Penang - I have been dealing with Roselind and Alter Domus for almost a year and have found her and her Company reliable and trustworthy - I have no hesitation to give any reference you may need. - please e mail me directly should you need further confirmation"

- CR (UK)

"A quick word of thanks for your professional effort."

- KCN (Singapore)

"I am pleased to highly recommend Alter Domus. Their team is friendly, helpful and efficiently organized my move to Penang. They have continued to provide excellent support after my arrival and made my settling-in process hassle-free."

- IP (Austalia)

"Roselind Moey & Alter Domus are the most efficient, friendly & pleasant people you will ever meet. You cannot possibly go wrong with them"

- BS (UK)

"We are both very happy with your services. We would not be where we are without your very professional assistance. I would be very happy to either prepare a written commendation, or act as a reference to any potential future clients"

- MM (UK)

"From my first contact with Roselind Moey and Alter Domus 10 months ago,the service they have provided has been excellent. Always there with advice, but never intrusive. I now have a lovely flat in Penang, and have just bought a tax-free car, all with their help. If you want to take part in MM2H, I recommend you use Alter Domus, a thoroughly professional company."

- MJW (UK)

Thank you for making our move from the UK to Penang go without any problems at all, from obtaining my MM2H visa, obtaining my new tax free car to the children getting their student passes all done with no stress to myself, thank you Roselind, TG and Mr. Moey for dealing with the Immigration dept.  If you have any doubts about this fantastic service email me anytime. I arrived here on my own with two young children and we love living here under the Malaysia my Second Home Programme.

- CAC (UK)

"Alter Domus in general and Roselind in particular are an exceptional find when moving to another world (trust me; done it six times). Well-informed, efficient and friendly; their help in dealing with public-servants and trades people is invaluable. Don't even think of trying it without them...!   Many thanks Roselind and TG."

- ZK (Canada)

"I can't thank Roselind and all at Alter Domus enough, the whole family  go out of their way to ensure their MM2H clients make a painless and stress-free move to Penang. Their service surpasses professionalism, they truly  care about all of us. Thank you"

- PGB (UK)

Alter Domus operate efficiently with integrity and care and attention to detail. I received my visa in my passport within a week of my arrival; they then organized my Malaysian driver's license without complication. Alter Domus have since organized a visa for a friend of mine; and despite the numerous rule changes to MM2H visa; they did this with consummate efficiency. I recommend Alter Domus to anyone wishing to live in Malaysia.

- SW (UK)

"We began the MM2H program with trepidation until Alter Domus entered into the process. Roselind Moey with her associates' assistance have made everything so easy - Customs, accommodation, financial arrangements, even domestic appliances. They have gone out of their way to help us make Malaysia our new home. They show genuine concern no matter how small the request and have always been 100% professional. After only six months I count Roselind Moey and the people that work closely with her amongst my very good friends. Alter Domus - thank you for everything!"

- CB & GG (Australia)

Working with the company has been a very positive experience for us. The service was excellent, efficient, professional and personal. It may sound like common superlatives but we mean them to the fullest value. You would be dealing with people who know MM2H regulations very well and are familiar with the format and channels of securing your visas, permits, etc. For a non-resident who might be understandably careful, Alter Domus is a very credible company. We highly recommend the company to anyone without any hesitation.

- LAD/CSD (From US)

We are highly pleased to recommend Alter Domus, a thoroughly professional company. Roselind & TG are very friendly, pleasant & efficient and will surely help you like their friends.

- JS (From Germany)

I'm very happy with the professional service your company has given to me for my Malaysia My Second Home application. Not only have you been very efficient, your timely completion of visa endorsement and excellent services made me feel very welcomed.

- LD (From Germany)

We are happy to recommend Alter Domus for not only  the efficient and friendly manner in which they successfully handled our MM2H visa applications but also for the continued friendly and helpful support provided after we arrived in Penang.

- RJP (From UK)

We first met Roselind Moey of Alter Domus when we were on holiday in Penang in October 2006. We called to enquire about the MM2H program and she met with us at her office even though it was a public holiday. After we left Penang we decided to apply for the MM2H visa. TG guided us through the application process by email and courier mail and we completed our application in December of 2006. We received our approval in early March and flew to Penang for 5 days in March to get our visa. Roselind guided us through the procedures for medicals and insurance and completed all visa procedures within that time. They were also helpful in showing us residential locations for our future reference. We now have a good idea where we would plan to stay when we eventually retire in Penang. Alter Domus is a company that can be trusted to offer honest, effective and efficient service. We recommend them without reservation.

- GAC (Japan/USA)

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- AF/JJ (Australia)

"I was delighted at the service my wife and I received from Alter Domus. From the very beginning there was professional touch in their work and communication with a very positive spirit. I directly interacted with Roselind and TG and must admit there was personal care. Their focus was more on the service then on their income or gain. They kept to their words and kept us in the picture on the development of our visa. Their office is adequately staffed with an efficient team and are always there to help out of the way such as re-routing air tickets hotel bookings and changes thereafter. I will not hesitate to recommend Alter Domus to any prospective clients."

- AR (Bangladesh/UNICEF)

"I would like to thank you for the efficient way you dealt with my application for MM2H. From 1st e-mail through medical's and getting my passport stamped in Malaysia, a truly professional service."

- PFL (UK)

Alter Domus is the last word in professionalism. At no stage in our MM2H application were we left without advice regardless of day or time. We had full confidence in their ability to deliver and it was justified.

- JT (UK)

Alter Domus is the last word in professionalism. At no stage in our MM2H application were we left without advice regardless of day or time. We had full confidence in their ability to deliver and it was justified.

- JT (UK)

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- ST / YT (Japan)

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the professional and competent way in which you handled my MM2H application.  I know that some people claim that the use of agents is expensive and people should be allowed to do all the paperwork themselves, but I found the process not particularly expensive and incredibly easy - thanks to your clear instructions and advice, as well as your obvious experience.  I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone else considering MM2H in Penang or elsewhere.

- SJB (UK)