Malaysia My Second Home Program For Retirees

The MM2H program was an initiative by the Government of Malaysia to attract the foreigners to settle down in the country. MM2H is a multiple entry social visit pass which is initially valid for ten years. Most of the MM2H applicants are from the developed countries across the globe who want to live a better life with good infrastructure and advanced communication facilities at a very reasonable price. So, your desire for living a peaceful and comfortable life in Malaysia can be fulfilled being an MM2H member. As an MM2H retiree, you can bring your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 to the country.

No need to worry about the initial 10-year validity of the MM2H visa. The Malaysian government has repeatedly mentioned that all the visas approved for the MM2H program will be renewed, provided they conform to the regulations of the program and the laws of Malaysia. Even if the rules are changed, the Government will sustain the former rules (rules at the time of the application).

Generally, in the developed countries, pensions cover only the basic living costs whereas people in Malaysia are allowed to enjoy a much better lifestyle in the same cost. Though the expenses might vary from one person to another, around RM 5,000 a month is enough for a couple to live a decent life.

For retired people, Malaysia offers advanced medical care with many internationally (ISO) certified private hospitals. When compared to the more developed countries, local doctors are quite inexpensive and it’s easy to gain access to the specialists.

Moreover, MM2H doesn’t add extra taxes on foreign remittances into Malaysia. So, you can remit your pension and employment income without any additional tax burdens.


If you are just above 50 and deriving an amount of MYR 10,000 as pension from the Government or company or organization that you have worked for, you are eligible to be a part of MM2H Program. Let’s take a look why MM2H is ideal for you.

  1. The dependent members of your family can join this MM2H program without further investment.
  2. When you have MM2H visa, you can use Penang as your home base and visit different parts of Asia without informing the authority.
  3. Malaysians are always famous for their hospitality. They will warmly welcome you in their community.
  4. You are allowed to bring a maid in the country if she has been working for you before moving to Malaysia.
  5. You can bring your pet to Malaysia after completing the required formalities.
  6. With the MM2H visa, your children can study in local private schools and colleges.
  7. Being a part of the MM2H program for retiree, you as well as your spouse can open account in Malaysian banks.
  8. You can enjoy a peaceful life in Malaysia as this country has one of the lowest crime rates across the globe.
  9. Starting a business with investment in Malaysia is allowed.

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