MM2H Renewal & Extension

MM2H visa is a multiple social entry pass which is initially valid for 10 years. It can be renewed and extended by following certain procedure. Generally, it takes 1 week to get the approval for MM2H. We encourage our MM2H participants to complete the renewal process at least 3 months prior to expiry. If you apply for the MM2H Renewal early, it will save the charge of around RM520 for each passport. In fact, as soon as the new approval for MM2H is obtained with the passport and stamped before it completes 10 years, you won’t be liable for the Journey Performed Visa fee. But if the MM2H visa gets expired, you will be considered to be a tourist in Malaysia.

The Applicant himself must be present in person at the Immigration Department of Malaysia or State Immigration Department which issued the initial approval.


The Applicant should bring the following documents and payment:

  1. Letter of Intention by The Principal/ Sponsor
  2. Original & Copy Of Applicant's Passport
  3. Form IMM. 55 (1 Copy you need to bring)
  4. Form IMM. 38 (1 Copy, you need to bring If Applicable)
  5. Current Proof Of 3 Month Offshore Income RM10,000 And Above
  6. Original of Fixed Deposit and its copy (if Applicable)
  7. Original of Confirmation Letter from Bank and its Copy(if Applicable)
  8. Original of Conditional Approval Letter and its Copy
  9. Original and Copy of Health Insurance
  10. Original Medical Report (RB 2 Form) (This will be available at MM2H Immigration Unit)

We take only a processing time of 7-21 working days (1-3 weeks).


If you require a change in the passport, apply for extension.

As mentioned previously, the Applicant must appear in person at the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

While applying for extension, you have to bring the following documents and payment. Take a look.

  1. Letter of Intention By The Principal / Sponsor
  2. Copy of Approval Letter
  3. Form IM. 12
  4. Form IMM. 55
  5. Original & copy of Old & New Passport for Applicant & Principal
  6. Applicant who 21 years and above and holding the MM2H dependents Pass will not be given the further extension.

The process of renewal will take 7-21 working days (1-3 weeks).


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