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We thank you for your interest in MM2H and appreciate that you can let us know more about yourself so that we can help you better. From our experience, we need to work closely with our clients as each client is unique. They have their own financial strength, income and questions. By just simply giving them all the information, we will confuse them. We want to give our clients options on how to go about doing it.

There are many sources of information online and some of them are outdated or not applicable to you. Many clients come to us with incorrect information and a few made a decision based on the wrong information. Every week, we submit many applications and thus we know what the Ministry wants. That is our assurance that we give to our clients. The Ministry know who we are (Alter Domus) and you can call them up to verify who we are and how our performance is.

Although we are the cheapest among the large sponsors in Malaysia, we prefer to use email and work with you on the details and the prices. It is important that we submit an application that will be successful and we will put in 120% effort to get it to the standards that the Ministry is expecting. It is important to us that you get the visa as ultimately; we are looking for a good relationship between our client and us. As what one of our clients say no point going for a cheap one who will end up giving you lots of problem or an unsuccessful application. If price is the only thing in your mind and not the application success rate, long term help/advice or good relationship, then there is nothing we can do but wish you all the best in your MM2H endeavour. We do not have any other side businesses like tours, consulting, legal or real estate to cross-subsidize our MM2H business thus, we have to do a good job in serving you. We will focus on your MM2H and relocation needs instead of pushing insurance, properties or other non-MM2H related products to you.

Therefore, we would like you to tell us more about yourself. Please refrain from just letting us know that your age is "below the age of 50" or "above the age of 50". I will still ask you for all the information needed. I prefer to give you the overall picture than just answering your questions. The more you tell us, the better our advice is. We have listed below some of the questions that we need some answers. With those answers, we will definitely be able to help you better :

** If you like to email us, you can write directly to Ms. Roselind Moey at (primary email) (backup email)

We will reply within 12 hours. If you don't hear from us within 24 hours, there is a possibility that the e-mail did not reach us or our mail did not reach you. We have real cases of missing mails before. Please write to us again or give us a call.

How to find us

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Mobile Phone

Ms.Roselind MOEY + 6012 486-8966

Mr.CH'NG Toh Ghee + 6012 493-7270

Office Address

Level #1, 48 Pahang Road, 10400 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Landline + 604 229-4826

Facsimile + 604 229-7686

Do contact us first to set up an appointment before dropping by our office. We may not be in the office.

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