Malaysia My Second Home Program

Looking For An Oasis of Peace – Malaysia My Second Home

The world is now an insane place. It is probably going to get a lot worse for many countries.  Now, many people seek the oasis of sanity. A place where they can forget the political, cultural or social issues that are happening in their country. A place to escape the insanity.

Does the political situation at the local or national level gives you headaches? Is political correctness getting in front of you every time you think about the good life of the past? Do you think that the local taxation is getting ridiculous or  socialism is getting out of hand? Is the society less desirable today than it was decades ago? Do you think that something is not right, and you are powerless to stop the tide? Probably the best thing is to just find a nice place to stay, work remotely or just retire. It might be best to practice the concept of “out of sight, out of mind”.

With the present situation, be it pandemic-related or your business not doing well, you might want to think of just shutting down and moving to a place where you can live well. This is where the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) visa programme may fit you.

If you are an ex-Malaysian or if your spouse is Malaysian, then it is the right time for you to apply for the MM2H. Other than personal or family reasons to stay behind at your adopted home country, it might be a better option for you and your spouse to stay in Malaysia, a place that is probably more secure and has a lower cost of living.

What is your vision of the ideal place on Earth? Perhaps no such place exist but there might be one that comes close. Malaysia has some of the interesting characteristics of such a place.

  1. Safe and secure. Guns are illegal here and violent crime rates are low, especially in Penang where it is extremely low.

  2. Locals are culturally sensitive, friendly and polite. We do not have any left or right political factions and we don’t practice extreme political correctness. We are also not a litigious society and we still treasure traditional family values and moral ethics. Religion is a part of life. We don’t have weird cultures, attitude and mentality. We are practical people who work hard for a good life.  

  3. Great quality of life. It is as good as what you can get in advanced countries. Fantastic and affordable healthcare, great internet speeds, low cost of living and accommodation, etc.

  4. No language barrier. Most of us speak or understand English. Contracts are written in English. Mandarin (Chinese) is also widely spoken. So, Malaysia is possibly the only reasonable place on earth (cost and quality of life wise) that is suitable for a mix marriage couple (Eastern and Western). Both will be at home.

  5. Great schools for the children.

  6. Malaysian Government does not bother with foreigners here unless they have committed a crime or causing social issues. The government does not monitor where they go and what they do. So, it is a refreshing change for some developed countries where their citizens are monitored extensively.

You do not need to be more than 50 years (minimum age is 50 in Thailand or Indonesia) or retired to apply for the MM2H visa. In fact, we want you to apply when you are still working. It is not a retirement visa although many of them use it for that purpose. It is a flexible long-term visa that is renewed every 10 years. It is also tax-free for the participants. As you can work for any entity registered outside Malaysia without any hassle, we have young participants who are living in Malaysia and working from home. When you are working on the internet, it does not matter if you are in Australia, Singapore or Malaysia. You can set up your own company in Malaysia though terms and conditions apply.

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) is a long-term (10 years) renewable visa. It is flexible and we will help you all the way even after the visa is endorsed (stamped) on your passport. You can stay anywhere in Malaysia (except Sabah and Sarawak).  The requirements are high, possibly the highest among developing countries. So, please browse our website and then contact us to know more. Fill in the form at the CONTACT webpage. Please be specific on the details like stating that you are 54 years old rather than “above 50”. Please elaborate on your work or career. If you are retired, then explain what you did for your last job. We need to know your plans. If you have any other details that you think will help us to understand you better, please let us know. MM2H is not easy to get and we need to work together on this.

Malaysia cannot be compared to Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Ecuador or any European or South American countries as what we offer is unique, closer to what you have in Western developed countries rather than in developing countries.

Where to stay in Malaysia? There is no need to make up your mind on where you have to stay. It is open. Penang is probably the best place as it has lower population density as compared to Kuala Lumpur or even Johor Bahru. It has the charm or a small town yet with the conveniences of a major modern city. It has world-class medical facilities.  Langkawi is a small island north of Penang. Life is very slow, and it is a holiday resort island. There are no international schools and the medical facilities are just mediocre. However, foreigners like to stay there because it is a duty-free island, virtually no violent crime (only petty crimes) and it has great boating/yachting facilities. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. It is a metropolis and has all the issues and problems associated with large cities. If you like vibrant city life, then Kuala Lumpur is the place. It tends to attract the younger crowd. Johor Bahru is close to Singapore and thus, has lots of Singaporeans. Another place that MM2H participants consider is Ipoh which is situated between Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Melaka or Malacca and Seremban have attracted some foreigners to stay there as well.

If you need a change in life or experience some interesting culture that is half a world away, then I think Malaysia, especially Penang will be a great choice. Together with the flexibility of MM2H visa and the positives of staying in Malaysia, it is not a wonder that people are attracted to it. However, the visa is not easy to get and the requirements are high. Please browse our website and contact us on how we can help you.