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Staying or retiring overseas?

Sometimes we need a fresh start; sometimes it is the environment that drives us to relocate to a foreign land. Sometimes it is the urge to fulfill dreams. Malaysia, possibly Penang may be what you are looking for all along....

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Staying in Penang under MM2H Program Malaysia

Penang, a state in northern Malaysia was a hidden gem until 2011. It was an island well known as a tourist spot. Its history, culture, people and food are one of the best in South East Asia, if not Asia. What is not well known is that Penang is also a great place to stay long term or retire.

Penang burst into the best countries to retire scene when it was placed top 10 consistently since 2011 by many retirement magazines and websites. It is not only a place to retire but a place to stay on a long-term basis. Many young expatriates working in Asia chose Penang as their home base for travelling around Asia. Retirees finds this place inexpensive yet rich in culture and heritage. Penang offers world-class healthcare yet it is also very affordable. Its friendly residents are living together harmoniously amidst diverse culture, religion and beliefs. It is a place where modern infrastructure juxtaposes with its colonial heritage. It has all the modern conveniences yet you can still find people practising crafts of olden days or religious cermonies that you think were lost in this modern world. It is this paradox that made Georgetown (capital of Penang) a very interesting UNESCO World Heritage site. You will be amazed on what you can do here and what you will find here.

Penang beckons to be discovered and rediscovered by those who yearns new experiences or a new perspective of life.

Alter Domus (MM2H) Sdn. Bhd. is the pioneer in helping our clients obtain this renewable ten-year Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) visa. We are the first licensee of this program with the license number MM2H/001. We have helped many foreigners with this visa and we have been doing this for more than fifteen years. Some of our clients have settled in Malaysia (most of them are staying in Penang) but many are still working or planning to retire soon. Some of them are doing business on the internet and it does not matter where they stay as long as they have high speed internet connection. Do contact us on how we can help you stay in Penang.

All our clients are our friends eventually.

Malaysia My Second Home Programme, Malaysia Second Home Program or just simply MM2H is a long term visa that allows foreigners to stay in Malaysia for as long as he likes. It was set up by the Malaysian government as a way to attract foreigners to stay long term or retire in Malaysia.

As compared to other countries’ retirement program, Malaysia My Second Home visa is probably the longest duration at 10 years. This program is also very structured and systematic. Thus, participants have nothing to worry about Immigration matters annually.

Malaysia’s MM2H program is rather successful in welcoming participants even though the requirements of this program is the highest in South East Asia. The participants must show a certain level of financial strength and commitment in staying in this country as they need to deposit a sum of money in a bank in Malaysia.

Alter Domus has been involved in the Malaysia My Second Home program for more than ten years and we have helped thousands of participants in getting this visa. Not only do we provide the visa application services, we have concierge services, home management and any other services that you need to make your stay here easy and hassle-free.

This is the key principle of our company. It is this passion that drives our company to be the largest sponsor in Penang and one of the largest in Malaysia. We have no other side businesses and we focus on MM2H only. With a 99.8% approval rate, we are here to help our clients with the visa and whatever they need to relocate to Penang.

Yes, we have a lot of clients and can resolve to two decimal places if required!

Let us know how we can help you and you will discover why all our clients are our friends eventually.